Waiting 13th Architecture Biennale...Ca' Giustinian

First sign of the upcoming Architecture Biennale (opening on 28th of August): an exhibition on the Biennale of the 1985 directed by Aldo Rossi. An interesting theme and a fabulous opening: a lecture by David Chipperfield, this year Biennale's director and one of the most famous contemporary architects!
I was wearing: H&M dress; Zara jeans jacket; Celine bag and Michele Baconnier flats.


where and idea become architecture...Alvar Aalto studio, Helsinki

 Photos from my journey searching Alvar Aalto works. I start to show you these beautiful places from the place where they were designed: his studio (near his house) in Helsinki.
The most beautiful things of this studio are the light that enter from the hight window during all hours of day, and the outdoor theatre in the garden to show the projects to his clients.


The sound of silence...Finland

After a week passed working around the clock, some photos taken in Finland two weeks ago: 
trees, lakes and...silence!



 Trieste is simply special: a Saturday afternoon watching the sea under the sun with one of the best square behind us and listening a band...
top: See by Chloe, jacket: vintage, jeans H&M, bag:Hervè Chapelier,shoes: Sergio Rossi



I'm just returned from a holiday in Finland, looking for the Alvar Aalto's main works, 
it has been an amazing experience (I will post some photos soon).
From the coat to summer dress: in Venice today it's too hot! 
I'm wearing a vintage Chloe dress that I've found in Berlin and the foulard 
for which I've fought at Marni for H&M!!


gardening is an art ...Villa Pisani

Yesterday I went to one of the most important villa in Veneto, Villa Pisani, to study its garden.
As you know I study architecture and the study of the landscape and nature is one of my biggest interest. This garden has been nominated best garden in Italy and you can see why... There is a big fishpond, a labyrinth, a citrus, a wood and more amazing thing. I hope you will like these photos!